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    Every year we have more and more companies choose to join our project of improving life for young Burmese refugees. We are open to different types of support and we can adapt ourselves to the needs of each business.

    Thus far, companies have joined the cause by financing specific projects, donating products to give away at events, spreading our cause through their website or newsletters, and offering us their services free of charge. To all of these businesses: Thank you!

    If you want your company to join the list of business sponsors, get in touch with us by emailing

    Amadeus is a leading technology solutions provider in the global sector of travel and tourism. The group has 10,000 workers across the world who provide services at 73 commercial organizations in different countries, including Thailand.

    Amadeus is committed to helping those most in need in the countries where it does business. Through the RSC group, made up of workers dedicated to the cause, the company finances aid and development projects in these countries. It is through this group that we met this great team of professionals.

    We visited their offices in Bangkok and invited them to come to Mae Sot. After that first visit they have returned several times and each time the friendship has become stronger and stronger.

    We thank them tremendously for the help they provide at the Km42 School.

    logo sp

    S&P Ventilation Systems is a global leader in ventilation who is committed to charity work. In 2012 they made a donation of 3,500 euros towards agriculture and livestock projects, which we invested in building a fishery and farm at Mae La Oon refugee camp and at Safe Haven orphanage.

    logo silk

    Silk is a restaurant that has reinvented the dining experience, with three spaces inside one restaurant to select and enjoy the best of Thai, Japanese, and Spanish cuisine. As one of Spain’s best in each of its specialties, what sets them apart is their commitment to helping those in need.

    For several years they have organized the event “Helping is Fun,” involving local celebrities to draw in hundreds of donors and help different foundations and NGOs finance their projects.


    OPTRAL is a private Spanish company in the field of optical communications that designs, produces, and markets fiber optic cables and optoelectronic equipment.

    OPTRAL does their part by donating a fixed amount each month that covers part of the cost of running our schools, such as the teachers’ salaries, electricity, water, and other expenses. Thanks to OPTRAL we are able to cover a part of our expenses not directly linked to specific projects, allowing us to count on a stable monthly income and plan for structural costs. 

    parc cientific logo

    The university’s objective is to bring together research from public and private sectors, making it easier to transfer knowledge and innovation between university research and the business world.

    logo btob

    BtoB defines itself as a creative and independent agency of the post-digital age. With a team of more than 50 professionals, they work with some of Spain’s biggest brands. BtoB helps Colabora Birmania with creative campaigns to attract new audiences.

    logo ziran

    Ziran is a communications agency that is different, creative, and effective at getting results for their clients. Since 2011 Ziran has had a close connection to our project, donating their services yet always treating us as they would any other client.

    logo mundo nomada travel

    Mundo Nómada Travel is a travel agency created by Pol Comaposada, who after exploring every last corner of Thailand and blogging about his travels, decided to create a travel agency to offer circuits for explorers like himself.

    In one of his trips around the country, Pol visited us in Mae Sot and came to know the situation of the displaced Burmese people in Thailand. After this visit he committed himself to improving the quality of life for these people and a great friendship was born with Colabora Birmania. Mundo Nómada has “solidarity circuits” that go through Mae Sot to see our work.

    princesa yaiza logo

    As a luxury resort in Playa Blanca (Lanzarote), every year since 2010 they have donated a weekend stay to give away at our annual event held on the island.

    fussimanya logo

    The Fussimanya team has been supporting us since early 2009. The company has a restaurant set in a country house in the middle of the wilderness that serves traditional Catalan cuisine. Their artisan deli meats are made in their own factory and distributed in stores across the Osana region.

    The company’s loyal customers not only enjoy the goods offered by Fussimanya, but also support our cause with donations. They do a Christmas raffle for Colabora Birmania and donate baskets of products to give away at events.

    natura logo

    Natura has always maintained a policy of slow, safe development. This is not easy given the demands of the current market, which they contend with every day to stay afloat, but little by little, with hard work and care from the whole team and with help from the customers, they are able to do so.

    As a small company, they lack the necessary resources to track all their production chains and ensure the products are manufactured in the most environmentally-friendly and humanitarian way, as industry leaders have the resources for. Despite this, they are very aware of their social responsibility and with transparency as their motto, they believe everyone should be informed.

    logo opsunenergy

    An independent company in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy.

    This company financed the entire nursery at Km42 school which sees almost 100 children every day and which we rightly named “Opsun Nursery”.

    logo ibercaja obra social

    Every year, our health insurance company reaches over two million people, develops more than 4,000 activities, and helps 500+ organizations reach their goals. They do great amount of social work that is possible thanks to the collective effort of staff, customers, and partners. A project that is constantly evolving and is open to all.

    They support us with donations to help us maintain our projects.

    logo help without frontiers

    A foundation created in 2012 by independent corporate consultant Benno Röggla, originally from the south of Tirol (Italy). They work in Thailand and Myanmar carrying out humanitarian assistance, development, education, and health projects, offering aid to thousands of people in need, particularly to Burmese refugees and immigrants in Thailand. Their main projects are: “Ray of Hope,” for Burmese refugee children; the “Yummy” program that provides food to schools for Burmese immigrants; “The Happy Tailor,” sewing courses that provide more income for the students as well as helps to finance the projects; and the prosthetics workshop held at Mae Tao Clinic in Mae Sot, among others, for amputees due to land mines.

    For Colabora Birmania, Help Without Frontiers is our local counterpart and we share a number of projects which we jointly finance.

    world education logo

    World Vision develops and implements practical and innovative solutions to combat educational barriers around the world, offering high quality technical assistance, educational programs, evaluation systems, curriculum development, evaluation and monitoring, teacher training, and educational information systems, specifically in underdeveloped or developing countries.

    World Vision works with us through partnership agreements for specific projects, such as the Evening Schools, designed to offer nighttime basic education to students who are not able to attend school during the day due to work.

    save the children logo

    This independent organization is the leader in defending children’s rights all over the world. They work in more than 120 countries providing safety and protection to boys and girls and defending their rights established by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

    Since 1919 they have specialized in the main areas affecting children: education, health, nutrition, child labor, prevention of sexual abuse, and reuniting children with their families after natural disasters, wars, etc. Their relation to Colabora Birmania has been in monitoring the Child Protection Policy in our schools and orphanages, especially in the dormitories at Km 42 school.

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